“Me llamo Francisco y soy un Mendocino de 20 años. A mediados de 2014, con 17 años, soñaba con poder estudiar en Estados Unidos dado el prestigio y la calidad académica de las instituciones de educación superior. Más allá de mi buen desempeño académico, aquella meta parecía imposible porque mi familia no posee los recursos para facilitar el proceso.” Buscando caminos, encontré el programa Opportunity de EducationUSA y fui asignado consejeras académicas en Buenos Aires y Mendoza quienes me guiaron durante todo el proceso de aplicación, ayudándome a tomar decisiones importantes y revisando mis ensayos. Opportunity además me proveyó cobertura completa de los costos de los exámenes y costos de aplicación a cada universidad, e inclusive me permitieron realizar un cursillo de preparación para el TOEFL. Luego de haber sido seleccionado por diversas instituciones, el programa Opportunity me ayudó con costos de la visa estudiantil, transporte y materiales de estudio, y lo más importante: me guiaron y ayudaron en el proceso para conseguir ayuda financiera (becas). Hoy acabo de finalizar mi segundo año de Ciencias de la Computación en Harvard, y este verano estaré realizando investigación en nuevas técnicas de realidad aumentada. Poco y nada lo sucedido sería posible sin la ayuda de EducationUSA, que reconoció mi potencial y me brindo la oportunidad de poder perseguir mis sueños.”


Full Scholarship at Harvard University

“Amy Molden was my college counsellor for three years and her constant academic and emotional support helped me achieve my goal of studying abroad. Amy helped me prepare for the mandatory exams, giving me careful advice on how to approach the exam by providing me with resources such as prep books, sample papers, and meaningful feedback on essay writing. Amy also helped me with the college search by contacting admissions officers and alumnae from schools I was interested in, to understand better each school’s environment. On the last stage of the process, Amy helped me write my application essays, complete the common application and apply for financial aid. Amy is a very committed and encouraging counsellor. Thanks to her support, I was accepted to Yale Young Global Scholars, a Yale pre-college program, and later on into Yale-NUS University where I’m currently studying.”


Full Scholarship at Yale University

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“I was a bit lost before I started to work with Amy on my MBA applications, the whole process can be overwhelming if you are doing it alone. It is a path of self-discovery that can get very frustrating. She truly provides that extra support and knowledge that makes the process very enjoyable and transforms each application to something you can take advantage of by learning from them. And not seeing it as just something you want to get over with. She is a great person to work with and very intellectually stimulating. At the end of the process, I learned so much about myself that getting into a TOP MBA program ended up being a small part of what I got from her. Amy is my first recommendation to anyone that is planning to apply to a graduate program.”


Accepted at Babson University with $40,000 Scholarship

“I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Molden as my advisor for the Opportunity Scholarship, designed to alleviate the costs of applying to universities in the USA for students with financial need. Throughout a year, she gave me the most accurate and precise advice in order to maximize my competitiveness as an applicant. Her competency with preparing personal statements, examinations, letters of recommendation and the common application resulted in me being able to pursue my dreams in the USA, and for that I am deeply grateful. Furthermore, her interpersonal skills are truly unique. She was much more than an advisor to me; she is a genuine person who truly cares to help others and will do everything that is at her disposal to see you succeed!”


Full Scholarship at Loyola Marymount University

“I contacted Amy because of a friend recommendation and I believe it was the best advice I received! Going through the MBA application process can be tough and sometimes demotivating, but working through it with Amy made it enjoyable. She provides support on all the aspects related to the application, with a great planning capability making it compatible with work and other activities. Her know-how is really impressive, I applied to schools in the USA and Europe and she helped me with all of them. Last, but not least, her human skills is the aspect I most highlight. She is an incredible professional and person. I would recommend her without hesitating!”


Accepted at IE Business School with €11,000 Scholarship

“Amy played a key role in my application to one of the best universities in France. She was extremely attentive and committed even though my process was long. I think this is a key asset in order to make an application unique. Her counseling for the essays and the interviews provided a security that I would not have without her. Her advice was truly invaluable.”


Accepted to ESSEC

“Amy helped me prepare my applications to do an MBA in Australia. I really enjoyed working with her, she is really organized and helped me show my best version and accomplish my objective. I really recommend her, she is the best!”


Accepted at University of New South Wales

“Conocí a Amy en 2016 cuando empece mi preparación para el MBA en la University of San Diego. Amy es una gran profesional y con mucha experiencia que me ha ayudado en todo el proceso de aplicación. He contado con todo su apoyo y conocimiento en todo momento y siempre ha estado disponible cuando la he necesitado. Me dio la oportunidad de conocer mas de cerca el programa, las clases y el campus lo que permitió tener una vision mas amplia de la Universidad y preparar mejor la entrevista. Me ha hecho sentir parte de USD's community y me han admitido en el Professional MBA en la Universidad de San Diego! Le agradezco mucho toda la ayuda!”


Accepted at University of San Diego

“Most people see the MBA application process as dull, tiring and a waste of time required to enter business school. I can assure you, however, that working with Amy could not have been more intellectually stimulating and rewarding. Her advice, her commitment towards work and her human approach made me step out of the conventional essay writing task and into a more introspective process, a key factor for a succesful application. Another plus is her international awareness, really handy when working with LatAm prospects. Unluckily, the MBA experience is only once in a lifetime. If I had another chance, I would choose to work with Amy again.”


Accepted to London Business School

“I'm grateful to have met Amy to work on my applications. Her empathy attitude and remarkable experience made easier the stressful process of applying to 3 Master programs and one scholarship to pursue a college education abroad. She helped me to highlight my virtues and skills to build a solid application for each program. She is dedicated, compromised and proactive with her work. Moreover, she showed a great ability to work against the clock and finish on time. I strongly recommend Amy to anyone who is pursuing the objective of studying abroad. It was a pleasure to have her assistance!”


Accepted at ESCP Europe with $40,000 scholarship

“Amy Molden played a huge role in getting me accepted to my top choice MBA program. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. She helped me break the application process down into manageable pieces, helped me market myself and above all, was a pleasure to work with. Amy’s relentless positivity was so refreshing during the stressful application process. I highly recommend Amy to anyone considering applying to graduate school.”


Accepted at University of Michigan

Every applicant we work with has been accepted to at least one of their target universities. Our success is your success.

“I was certain I wanted to pursue a college education abroad in the U.S. ever since I was 13 years old, but I had no idea where or how to start. I had the fortune of meeting Amy at the very beginning of my college search when she was assigned to me as a counselor through the Opportunity Scholarship sponsored by EducationUSA. She not only provided me with relevant and helpful information, but also showed support and care about my education continuously throughout my admission process. From regular 1-on-1 meetings where all my doubts were cleared, to meaningful advice on essays, test preparation, college research, and financial aid guidance, Amy never failed to show her commitment and enthusiasm for me to achieve my dream. I am very thankful for her constant help and would recommend every student to count on Amy for pursuing the objective of studying abroad.”


Accepted at Northeastern University

“Amy had a key role in getting me accepted to one of the most selective MBA programs in Europe. She helped me through every step of the application process, from university research to interview practice. Being from a non-english speaking country, the process of essay writing was arduous and challenging for me but Amy helped to connect my ideas and align them to meet the university's values. She was always available to answer my questions and solve my doubts. I wouldn't have been able to get a 50% scholarship without her and I have already recommended her to all my friends who aim for an MBA either in USA or Europe.”


Accepted at HEC Paris

“Amy is dedicated, thoughtful, organized and positive. She has the ability to bring out the best in those with whom she works, making the weaknesses less relevant than they are. She has the most positive attitude ever and always gives constructive and useful feedback. It was a pleasure to work with her!”


Accepted at Nyenrode University

“Contraté a Amy para que me ayude con mi aplicación a estudios de posgrado en Estados Unidos. Ella me asistió durante un periodo de tres semanas con la redacción de dos ensayos. Durante todo el proceso, Amy mostró un gran compromiso con mi aplicación, brindandome feedback y consejos en forma proactiva y trabajando en muchos casos a contrareloj. Luego de unas pocas interacciones, los ensayos tomaron forma y se ajustaron exactamente a lo que necesitaba. Recomiendo los servicios de Amy para todos aquellos que estén pensando en aplicar a universidades en Estados Unidos.”


Accepted at Northwestern University

“Amy’s positive attitude and amazing organizational skills turned the stressful experience of applying to 3 Master programs into a series of short, easy enough, very manageable tasks. She didn’t try to change me or transform my profile: she figured out what made me stand out and how to get me excited, and then showed me how to put all of that into a solid application for each program. I’ve now been accepted by al 3 schools: USC, Columbia and NYU. Amy is reliable, kind and incredibly smart. I feel confident that you’ll never regret working with her.”


Accepted at University of Southern California

“Amy is a great professional. She have helped me during the last months in my MBA application process and I'm sure she has taken my application to the best level it could be. Amy is a very kind person, who gets involved in her clients profile to find the best way to show and present whatever the candidate have to tell about him/herself. She was really very helpful in my recent experience!”

“I enjoyed working with Amy on my essays and applications to scholarships for Masters programs in the UK. She was helpful in developing my ideas and writing them in an effective and clear style. Additionally, Amy was always ready to answer questions or provide advice as I completed my applications. I have already recommended her to my colleague who is applying to Masters scholarships.”


Accepted at London South Bank University with a Chevening Scholarship

“I met Amy some months ago, when I was preparing my application to U.S. universities for starting my PhD the following year. I didn´t know much about the programs and the universities which would be a good fit for me, so Amy gave me many tips and useful advises to do a good research. Moreover, as she counts with an excellent knowledge of what the committees are looking for, she gave me many ideas to improve my Statements in order to make them more interesting and attractive. Likewise, she helped me with the translation of the paper of my authorship I decided to send to the universities, showing her capability to deal with academic writings. I would definitely recommend her advising to anyone who is willing to apply to graduate programs in the U.S., as she has a holistic knowledge of the whole process and is able to provide a fully-detailed guidance in each step.”


Accepted at Penn State University with Fullbright Scholarship

“Amy played a key role in my process of applications to study in New York, USA. When you decide to study in other country the process may result confusing and really tiring. Amy helped me with every doubt I had. Every country and university has it's own procedures and way of developing educational tasks that may be a little difficult to understand or take care on your own. Amy helped me in all that process making the experience so much more relaxing and fun. She was always available to help and clarify any problem or doubt in mind. She is not only excellent at her job but she is also a very sweet and caring person. Which is great to know that you can have someone like her in these long processes of university applications. It was a really lovely experience to meet her and I would totally recommend her to anyone. Thank you Amy for helping me make my dream come true!”


Accepted at New York Academy of Art with $2000 Scholarship

“The application process is really tiring and tough but working with Amy made it less heavy. She has been a huge support and a key part in this path. She is a great professional, with an impeccable criteria and she knows a lot about the MBA world. While we worked together, she offered an integral approach by paying attention not only to the administrative parts of the process but also to my concerns and insecurities knowing how stressful this process is. She has been committed since the beginning and she easily understood my profile and offered lots of advice that were according to my goals. Now I will be attending one of the best business schools in Europe and I cannot thank Amy enough for everything she did!”


Accepted at IESE Barcelona with €20,000 scholarship

The journey towards a top Masters is a challenging process. We are with you at every step to help you achieve your goals.

“Amy has played a key role in my application process. From understanding my strengths and weaknesses in order to finding the best fitting MBA for me, all the way to prepping me for interviews for several universities. She truly understands the timing of the whole process and is an amazing professional. She always has the right advice at the correct moment. It has been a great experience!”


Accepted at Northeastern University with $35,000 Scholarship, Boston University with $10,000 Scholarship, and George Washington University

“Amy is an incredible professional. I contacted her and inmediately after our first talk started to work together in my application. I was afraid about the idea of applying to a University of the United States and Amy made the process enjoyable and fearless. She was commited with the process since the first day and planned every step to make a successful application. I had the opportunity to meet her in person and she was helpful and nice during my stay in USA. I would recommend her to every student who needs help in applying to a University”


Accepted at University of Miami with $25,000 Scholarship

“I had the great opportunity to work with Amy during my applications. Sincerely, the results were unique and outstanding. Amy is a bright and considerate person who brought out the best in me. During this time, she became a mentor and guide of great value. I not only learned a lot, but I also obtained more than desired results. Certainly she knows how to do her work and I would not hesitate to count on your services again!”


Accepted at Queen Mary University

“Amy helped me through every step of my application process, she was extremely committed and she helped me not only to demonstrate my professional but also my personal capacity. She has been a huge support and a key part in this path, a great professional and her advices were truly invaluable. Amy is a very kind person, always available to answer your questions willing to help you 24/7, she really tries hard and gets involved a lot in helping people get what they're looking for. Thanks to her, I got admitted to all the universities I applied and with a 50% scholarship. Thank you Amy!”


Accepted at Northeastern University with $25,000 Scholarship

“Amy played a key role in my MBA application process. She helped me to develop a strategic plan to get into a top business school. She was always available to help and clarify any problem on the process. She is an incredible professional and she has all the experience needed to advise wisely as admissions consultant.”


Accepted at IESE

“The MBA journey starts with the application and it demands a lot of introspective work - really knowing yourself and why you want to do it. This is key to find the best school for you. Amy helped me navigate through those times and I have found invaluable wisdom in her advice. She is genuinely interested in helping people achieve their dreams and she is always there for you. Amy replies very fast, which is very important so you don’t lose momentum, and is always accessible for a meeting or a phone call. She has great knowledge of universities all over the world and know every event that is happening in the MBA world. If I had to do this all over again, I would definitely do it again with Amy - great personality and knows everything about MBAs.”


Accepted at Duke University