About Masters USA

Are you applying to universities in the United States or Europe?

Masters USA is based in Buenos Aires, California, and Florida.

We work with you to create successful applications to MBA, LLM, PhD, other Masters programs, and international scholarships.

Our personalized advising services are tailor-made to meet the needs of each applicant. We are with you every step of the way to ensure you are accepted by the university of your dreams.

Our team of bilingual American advisors have studied at the top universities in the United States. We are native English speakers who have lived in Latin America and worked with international students for over 10 years. We have extensive experience working for university Admissions departments and in international programs such as Fulbright scholarships and EducationUSA, both programs of the US Department of State.

Fun Facts:

240 clients admitted to universities since 2015

93% of our clients are accepted to at least 1 university

77% of our clients are accepted to 2+ universities

Most popular programs: MBA, LLM, MS Engineering, MS Finance, MFA, Fulbright Scholarships, Chevening Scholarships

Sample of Client Scholarships:

  • Belen, MSF $25,000
  • Sofia, LLM $25,000
  • Juana, MBA €20,000
  • Francisco, MBA €25,000
  • Maximo, Ms Architecture €55,000
  • Nicolas, MBA $10,000
  • Maria, MFA $10,000
  • Marta, MBA $80,000
  • Raul, MBA $10,000
  • Marcos, MBA €24,000
  • Ryan, MBA $25,000
  • Chiara, Photography $2,000
  • Dulce, MFA $20,000
  • Carolina, Ms Data Analytics $25,000
  • Since 2017, our clients have been awarded


    in scholarships and counting!

    Did you know there are 4,000+ universities in the US

    and 4,700 universities in Europe?

    Find the best one for you.

    Our Services

    We understand that not all applicants have the same needs. Here are a few of our Advising services and we work with you directly to achieve your unique goals. Connect with our team to learn more.

    Translations and Editing

    CV & Resume

    Thesis & Academic Papers

    Recommendation Letters & References

    Essays & Personal Statements (editing only; translations not available for academic admissions processes)

    Academic Advising

    University selection & rankings

    Networking with universities

    Coaching on personal statements & essays

    Interview preparation in English

    Fulbright scholarships & Chevening scholarships

    Professional coaching & career development


    “Masters USA had a key role in getting me accepted to
    top MBA programs. They helped me through every step of
    the application process, from university research to
    interview practice."

    Martin, Duke MBA 2019


    Universities where our clients are admitted